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¡Retumba! performing a Plena Fusion. The Plena, a rhythm and dance from Puerto Rico, is fused with Flamenco and Samba, to demonstrate our similarities and our uniqueness.

Plenera playing a pandero and singing a plena with Segunda Quimbamba.

Students learning plena dance steps with los vejigantes de Puerto Rico during an interactive performance and presentation at Paul Robeson Community Theme School for the Arts.

As part of the 2009 Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico arts residency program, the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performed their vejigantes presentation at Paul Robeson Community Theme School for the Arts in New Brunswick, NJ. Students learned about…

Raícitas Youth Program participants who registered for full program cycles had the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble at community events and presentations, as well as student performances during Raíces…

Raíces Co-Director Francisco G. Gómez explaining the instruments used in the music of bomba and plena, which is the music most closely related to the tradition of the vejigantes.

In 2009, Raíces Cultural Center created and presented its first production thanks in part to an award a MINI grant by the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission. Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performed with guest artists and Raícitas…

Raíces students often rehearse and perform with the core of the Raíces Ensemble. Practicing voices for a full chorus in the Spring of 2010.

Raíces Co-Directors Francisco G. Gómez and Nicole Wines in a Raíces Ensemble rehearsal. Francisco is also the Musical Director of Raíces. Pictured here in the spring of 2010 surrounded by cultural objects and instruments.

Plena is a community tradition. Known as a “singing newspaper”, it tells a story, and traditionally brought news between the towns and cities of Puerto Rico. Everyone joins in the singing, dancing and playing.

In June of 2009, Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble members were invited to participate in the Brooklyn Puerto Rican Day Parade, drumming, singing and dancing plena. Plena is a musical tradition that evolved on the island of Puerto Rico. Plena is…

Citizens and tourists gathered around the home of the “Ayalas” in the city of Loíza Aldea, Puerto Rico. The Ayala family are the premier exponents of the bomba and plena, an Afro -Puerto Rican musical tradition.
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