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In 2009, Raíces Cultural Center created and presented its first production thanks in part to an award a MINI grant by the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission. Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performed with guest artists and Raícitas…

At the Spring Jam community art event, Raíces Cultural Center organized a day of workshops and music performances, as well as collaborations with local family arts organizations. A local Girl Scout troop participated in the festival, attending all…

Raíces students often rehearse and perform with the core of the Raíces Ensemble. Practicing voices for a full chorus in the Spring of 2010.

Plena is a community tradition. Known as a “singing newspaper”, it tells a story, and traditionally brought news between the towns and cities of Puerto Rico. Everyone joins in the singing, dancing and playing.

In June of 2009, Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble members were invited to participate in the Brooklyn Puerto Rican Day Parade, drumming, singing and dancing plena. Plena is a musical tradition that evolved on the island of Puerto Rico. Plena is…
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