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For many cultures, death has always been felt with such finality. There are those, however, that have maintained a reverence and veneration for those that came before them. The Raíces Cultural Center's 2011 production Festival for the Dead: Ancestral…

Tickets for Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble’s 2010 Production “Spirit of the Drum: History and Evolution of an Afrocaribbean Tradition” Tickets

The Spirit of the Drum takes the audience on a musical journey through the history…

Cultural and educational display at the Orisha Art Exhibit. The display includes the batá drums, and peripheral instruments used in Afro-Cuban music, an orisha Oyá doll, a handmade Eleguá, Orisha tiles and a an Orisha poster.

Postcard for the 2010 Raíces Ensemble production “Spirit of the Drum: History and Evolution of an Afrocaribbean Tradition”. This production was made possible in part by funding from a Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage MINI Grant, as well as a…

The Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble was asked to share the traditions and cultures of the Caribbean through music, dance and song as part of the 2010 NAACP Kwanzaa Celebration. Raíces Ensemble members are pictured here playing batá and singing to…

Raíces students often rehearse and perform with the core of the Raíces Ensemble. Practicing voices for a full chorus in the Spring of 2010.

Raíces Co-Directors Francisco G. Gómez and Nicole Wines in a Raíces Ensemble rehearsal. Francisco is also the Musical Director of Raíces. Pictured here in the spring of 2010 surrounded by cultural objects and instruments.

Raíces student performer Aja Washington dancing Yemayá, the orisha, or force of nature, of the ocean. In Nigeria, the orisha Yemayá was originally a river, but in the evolution on the island of Cuba, during and after the trans-Atlantic slave trade,…

After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble was asked to perform at a benefit event sponsored by local Rutgers University students. Raíces Ensemble members and Raíces student performers created a presentation for…

From 2009-2010, Raíces Cultural Center held classes at the Hub City Teen Center in New Brunswick. Classes were held for children and adults. Participants learned the folkloric traditions of the Caribbean in dance, music and song. Almost one…

Brief description/definition of Orisha, or Forces of Nature from Nigeria and Cuba.
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