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Raíces co-founder and Archive Curator Nicole Wines with the Lizandro Artiles, owner of Amigolandia, a sports bar in Arroyo, Puerto Rico where the owner is as passionate about music as he is about sports.

A djembe drum and two batá on display at Amigolandia sports bar in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

A variety of drums and percussion instruments on display in Amigolandia sports bar in Arroyo, Puerto Rico, where the owner loves music as much as he loves sports.

Conga head on display at Amigolandia Sports Bar with saying "Music is the soul of the people."

Mountains around Arroyo, Puerto Rico, seen from a street near the waterfront.

An old wooden house in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Old US Customs House in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

This theater in Arroyo, Puerto Rico is where the Panel of Elders, Witnesses & Descendants of Old-Style Bomba was held.

House near the waterfront in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

The Malecón de Arroyo, or Pier of Arroyo.

Inlet along the waterfront in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Statue at the Malecon de Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Pier of Arroyo. All events held on the second day of the 5th Bomba Research Conference were held in Arroyo.

Dancing before the drums at the backyard bombazo in Carolina, Puerto Rico on the first night of the 5th Bomba Research Conference.

Bomba is family! Melanie Maldonado, founder of PROPA and organizer of the Bomba Research Conference with her children at a backyard bombazo held in Carolina, Puerto Rico the first night of the 5th Bomba Research Conference.

Cuatrista José Gabriel Muñoz after his oral history interview with the Raíces Digital Archive.

The Puerto Rican cuatro is unofficially known as the national instrument of Puerto Rico. It is used to play the traditional jíbaro music of the mountains of Puerto Rico.

Close up José Gabriel Muñoz’s modern ten-string cuatro while he plays after his oral history interview for the Raíces Digital Archive.

José Gabriel Muñoz gave the Raíces Digital Archive crew a short private concert after his oral history interview.

José Gabriel Muñoz speaking with Raíces Cultural Center director Francisco G. Gómez after his oral history interview with the Raíces Digital Archive Crew
Cuatrista José Gabriel Muñoz demonstrates how the cuatro is interpreted with classical music.An excerpt from Cello Suite No.1 by J.S. Bach interpreted by José Gabriel Muñoz. The Cello Suite was transposed and arranged on the cuatro by Alvin Medina.…
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