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Yvette Martínez dances before the drums in this performance of bomba, a genre of folkloric music and dance from Puerto Rico.

Dancing before the drums at the backyard bombazo in Carolina, Puerto Rico on the first night of the 5th Bomba Research Conference.

Bomba is community! Students from the audience were invited up to dance bomba before the drum with the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble.

As part of the 2009 Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico residency program, the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performed the music, dance and song of bomba and plena at the Greater Brunswick Charter School. As in all bombazos, audience/community…

Bomba dancer, Nelissa Andrades, during a bombazo on the beach in San Juan.

Melissa Hernández Romero, attorney, dancing bomba in Old San Juan. In bomba, the dancer and the lead drummer hold a conversation through music and dance, with the lead drum (or primo) responding to the movements (piquetes or picoteos) of the dancer.

Raícitas Youth Program dance class held at the Hub City Teen Center in New Brunswick, NJ. Students pictured here are learning about picoteos, or piquetes, which are movements used in bomba dance to converse with the drum.

Nellisa Andrades dancing bomba on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Nellisa Andrades dancing bomba at the Ayala family home in Loíza Aldea on the day of Santiago apostol.
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