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Participants of the 5th Encuentro de Tambores playing, dancing and singing bomba surrounded by a crowd of thousands in the town plaza in Juncos, Puerto Rico.

Bomba dancer moving to the sound of the barriles de bomba. When in the circle, before the lead drum, the dancer has the creative power of expression, calling on the drummer to respond to their movements with sound.

Bomba dancer execuing picoteos, or piquetes, before the lead drum. The motion of the skirts add to the grace, style and movement of the bomba dance.

Bomba dancers often use their skirts when dancing before the drum to execute the picoteos, or piquetes, that call on the lead drummer to respond to in sound.

Bomba dancer executing picoteos, or piquetes, before the primo, or lead drum. The drum responds to each of these movements with sound. This exchange between dancer and drummer is one of the defining characteristics of bomba.

Piquetes, or picoteos, are movements made by the bomba dancer before the drum. These movements challenge the drummer who must respond to the piquetes with the sounds of the drum, matching the pattern being played to the movements made by the dancer.

Bomba dancer at 5th Encuentro de Tambores dancing before the drum.

Bomba is community! Students from the audience were invited up to dance bomba before the drum with the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble.

Raícitas Youth Program participants and their families learn, study and practice the Afropuertorican folkloric tradition of bomba.
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