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Raíces Director and co-founder Francisco G. Gómez gives a historical perspective on the Orishas and Cuban music, between songs in the Raíces Folkloric Ensemble presentation of "Tale of Two Waters".

Eleguá is the keeper of the crossroads, the messenger between the Orishas and Olofín, the trickster. He is often represented by a child and he is the first Orisha praised and honored in the pantheon, after the ancestors.

Raíces Folkloric Ensemble members Nicole Wines and Edward LaPorté performing a song and dance in honor of the ancestors.

Muertos, directly translated to "the dead", or ancestors, play a large role in Cuban spiritual traditions. The ancestors are always honored before any ceremony or celebration for the Orishas begin.

A dance for the dead (or 'muertos'/ancestors). In the Cuban Orisha tradition, homage is paid to the ancestors before any ceremony or celebration begins.

"Tale of Two Waters" is a multimedia and musical presentation tying together the tradition of the Orishas, or forces of nature with the protection of the environment and the earth's ecosystems. During the introductory song honoring the ancestors, a…

The Raíces Folkloric Ensemble performing songs for the Orishas on the batá drums at the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

Cultural and educational display at the Orisha Art Exhibit. The display includes the batá drums, and peripheral instruments used in Afro-Cuban music, an orisha Oyá doll, a handmade Eleguá, Orisha tiles and a an Orisha poster.

Postcard for the 2010 Raíces Ensemble production “Spirit of the Drum: History and Evolution of an Afrocaribbean Tradition”. This production was made possible in part by funding from a Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage MINI Grant, as well as a…

The Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble was asked to share the traditions and cultures of the Caribbean through music, dance and song as part of the 2010 NAACP Kwanzaa Celebration. Raíces Ensemble members are pictured here playing batá and singing to…

Raíces Co-Directors Francisco G. Gómez and Nicole Wines in a Raíces Ensemble rehearsal. Francisco is also the Musical Director of Raíces. Pictured here in the spring of 2010 surrounded by cultural objects and instruments.
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