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Segunda Quimbamba performing at the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip on September 14, 2019. Segunda Quimbamba is a Jersey City-based percussion and dance ensemble that performs authentic Bomba and Plena, musical traditions from the island of Puerto Rico.…

Plenera playing a pandero and singing a plena with Segunda Quimbamba.

Bombera playing the "barril de bomba" and singing chorus with Segunda Quimbamba.

Performing with Segunda Quimbamba at the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip.

In teaching youth the fundamentals of bomba, from the drum to the dance to the songs, Segunda Quimbamba helps to keep the tradition alive and pass it along to future generations.

In bomba, the lead drum and lead drummer mark the movements made by the dancer, called "piquetes" or "picoteos".

Nanette Hernandez, cofounder and member of Segunda Quimbamba, performing at the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip as part of the Perth Amboy Artworks summer music series.
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