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Sign inside the gardens at Plaza Vivero that says “Plaza Vivero community project - people live here”

Cultivated section of Plaza Vivero, a community garden that was established on an abandoned property that had been further damaged by Hurricane María. Materials found on the site are integrated into the garden design.

A neighbor stops by during the garden tour of Plaza Vivero, which is being cultivated on an abandoned property using the materials found on the site.

Sign outside of the Plaza Vivero community garden with the slogan “Aquí vive gente” or “People live here”.

Plaza Vivero garden sign. Brigada PDT is the group that created and maintains this urban community garden.

After a day of sorting seeds at the PR Resiliency Fund’s Seed Brigade, most of the volunteers stuck around and were eager to learn about local edible and medicinal wild plants and visit nearby community gardens.

In a one block stroll Steve Maldonado Silvestrini was able to identify several species of edible and medicinal wild plants growing wild in the neighborhood.

After the Seed Brigade work party ended, local resident Steve Maldonado Silvestrini gave a talk and tour about local edibles and community gardens.

The garden beds at Tainasoy Apiario are raised beds with irrigation ditches fed by a rainwater catchment system. The beds are made on contour for soil stability and to help prevent erosion, as well as for water management. These beds are for annual…

This hillside is filled with fruit like banana, plantain, pineapple and papaya. Beyond the food forest, at the bottom of the slope, is the first site of the first earthship construction site in Puerto Rico.

Stopping to smell the flowers on a tour of the permaculture gardens of Plenitud PR’s farm.

A flower in the ginger family in bloom at the top of a 10’+ stalk.

A flower in the ginger family in bloom in the permaculture gardens at Plenitud PR in Las Marías, Puerto Rico.

Flower in bloom in Plenitud PR’s permaculture gardens.

"Plenitud Puerto Rico is a non-profit educational farm and learning center that focuses on the research, demonstration, and dissemination of sustainable practices for today’s rural and urban environment." ( This building is the…

Virgin statue in a garden bed bordering the education center at Plenitud PR in Las Marías, PR.

Paintings, vejigante masks, and an indoor garden at Samuel Lind’s home studio.

End of summer tomato harvest ripening on the windowsill.

Tomatoes originated in the Andes, where they grew wild with very small fruits, most likely yellow in color. There are species of tomatoes that still grow wild there today. Tomatoes were…

The first Raíces beans poking up out of the ground. In the following year we would plant two kinds of red kidney beans, green beans, black beans and white beans.
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