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Thousands of participants at the 5th Encuentro de Tambores surrounded delegations from dozens of towns to enjoy, share, and participate in the music, song and dance of bomba, a tradition from the island of Puerto Rico. This event was held in the…

Performing the tradition of "los vejigantes de Puerto Rico" with the delegation from Loíza at the 5th Encuentro de Tambores in Juncos, Puerto Rico.

Young dancer conversing with the drum at the 5th Encuentro de Tambores in Juncos, Puerto Rico.

Damaged outbuilding at a family home in Loíza Aldea, Puerto Rico, missing it’s roof and walls.

Immediately after the storm, residents throughout the island formed volunteer crews and work brigades throughout the island which cleared roads in the post-María relief and recover efforts. These roads were cleared, with the vegetative debris piled…

Pike Electric Trucks, which were seen throughout the island of Puerto Rico by the Raíces Sustainable Disaster Relief Support Crew in January 2018 during our travels through the west and north parts of the island. These trucks bore listen plates from…

Crews of workers clearing piles of vegetative debris left along roadsides after residents, work crews and brigades of volunteers and community members cleared the roads after Hurricanes Irma and María. There remain questions about what was done with…

Trees along the road leaving Loíza up into Carolina and Río Grande that were damaged during Hurricane Loíza. Landscapes, forests and jungles were left bare and brown by the storm and its aftermath. At the time of the Raíces Disaster Relief Support…

Samuel Lind showed the Raíces crew several of with his screenprinted posters, including this one for local bomba group, Majestad Negra.

Paintings, statues, masks and sculptures in Samuel Lind’s home art studio. Every wall, corner and surface of the studio has art and artifacts on display.

Sculpture of a woman and man dancing bombs in front of a painting of a wooden bohío in artist Samuel Lind’s home art studio.

Samuel Lind’s painting “Yuiza”, which is Lind’s interpretation of the legendary female Cacique of the area of modern day Loíza. More on the legend’s of Yuiza can be found on ""

Sculpture of a woman dancing bomba overlooking a working station in artist Samuel Lind’s home art studio in Loíza Aldea.

Artist Samuel Lind displaying a screen printed poster from the annual Fiestas de Santiago Apostol.

Sculpture of a woman dancing bomba overlooking a working station in artist Samuel Lind’s home art studio in Loíza Aldea.

Marco Ayala Lind brought the Raíces crew to the home studio of artist Samuel Lind.

Puerto Rican artist Samuel Lind’s studio has been powered by generator since it lost power in Hurricane Irene. His studio was lucky not to have received much damage in Hurricane María, which was the second hurricane to hit the island in the 2017…

Prototype of Samuel Lind’s Sculpture Osaín. Raíces crew members and students had seen the Osaín sculpture at Bomplenzo 2008 at Hostos College in the Bronx, NY.

Paintings, vejigante masks, and an indoor garden at Samuel Lind’s home studio.

Vejigante painting on display in the home studio of Puerto Rican Artist Samuel Lind.

Destruction in the aftermath of Hurricane María.

These bomba dancer cutouts were some of the cultural materials and artifacts saved and recovered after Hurricane María. Cultural roots and artistic expression were all strengthened on the island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane María. Drums, guitars,…

These materials were all that remained of the structure of the Artesanías Castor Ayala in Loíza, Puerto Rico after Hurricane María destroyed the artisan shop and took the roof of the family home.
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