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Raíces student performer Aja Washington dancing Yemayá, the orisha, or force of nature, of the ocean. In Nigeria, the orisha Yemayá was originally a river, but in the evolution on the island of Cuba, during and after the trans-Atlantic slave trade,…

Raíces Co-Directors Francisco G. Gómez and Nicole Wines in a Raíces Ensemble rehearsal. Francisco is also the Musical Director of Raíces. Pictured here in the spring of 2010 surrounded by cultural objects and instruments.

Raíces students often rehearse and perform with the core of the Raíces Ensemble. Practicing voices for a full chorus in the Spring of 2010.

Members of the Raíces Folkloric Ensemble in 2017 after a performance at the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

The Raíces Folkloric Ensemble performs the Puerto Rican folkloric tradition of bomba in a concert dedicated to folkloric music of the Caribbean.

Demonstrating the bomba tradition, where the dancer's movements are responded to by the lead drummer, who plays the sounds of the dancer's movements.

The Raíces Folkloric Ensemble performing the genre of Cuban són at a concert dedicated to the music of the Caribbean at the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

Raíces Cultural Center co-founders with Casa Pueblo co-founders and current director.

In center, Nicole Wines, Co-Director of the Raíces Cultural Center. From left to right unknown drummer, Raúl Ayala, Marcos Ayala Lind and Marcos Peñalosa Pica playing the barrilles (bomba drums) in Loíza Aldea, Puerto Rico on the day of Santiago…

Nicole Wines, Co-Director of the Raíces Cultural Center dancing bomba at the Ayala family home on the day of Santiago apostol.

From left to right Francisco G. Gómez and Nicole Wines, Co-Directors of the Raíces Cultural Center and Obanilu Ire at a bombazo on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Don Luis Soto explaining to Raíces EcoCulture Coordinator Nicole Wines how he makes his compost mixture for planting on his organic farm. Using all natural, organic and local resources, Don Luis works to regenerate the soil and maintain and improve…

A member of the group representing Aguada in the 5th Encuentro de Tambores takes time to teach Raíces co-founder and ensemble member Nicole Wines the pattern he plays to accompany the bomba strains. Each town and group has their own variations of…

Raíces Herbal Circle leader Angela Lugo with the May 2018 presenter and Raíces crew member Nicole Wines.

The Our Plastic Waters Raritan River Clean Up and Eco-Art Workshop with Lisa Bagwell was a heartbreaking, but successful event. Over 20 water & earth protectors came together to clean a quarter mile stretch of the banks of the Raritan River and stuck…

Raíces Cultural Center co-founder and Archive Curator Nicole Wines at Calle Ismael Rivera (a.k.a. "Calle Calma") on day 1 of the 5th Bomba Research Conference in 2013.

Raíces co-founder and Archive Curator Nicole Wines with Eugenia Ivelisse Rivera, sister of Ismael Rivera and director of the Fundación Ismael Rivera.

Playing the rhythms and singing the songs of capoeira celebrating happiness.

Raíces co-founder and Archive Curator Nicole Wines with the Lizandro Artiles, owner of Amigolandia, a sports bar in Arroyo, Puerto Rico where the owner is as passionate about music as he is about sports.

The Streets2k Festival series began in 2005 with Streets2k5. Raíces has been involved in each of the Streets2k Festivals, as performers, participants, and also as partners with the original creators of the event, the public arts non-profit Albus…
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