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Puerto Rican flag painted on the door of an abandoned and destroyed structure in Adjuntas.

Mural of a jíbaro on the ruins of a structure in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

Mural of a jíbaro and door painted as a Puerto Rican flag, on a destroyed and abandoned structure.

In the Old San Juan, someone had painted a Puerto Rican flag onto the roots of an uprooted tree along the waterfront.

The Puerto Rican flag appeared on many murals and pieces of street art seed throughout the one week trip Raíces made in January 2018, four months after Hurricane Maria.

Mural in San Juan, Puerto Rico that reads “La Lucha continúa…NO a la Junta de Control Fiscal!”, meaning “The struggle continues…NO to the fiscal control oversight board.”

Mural along Rt 2 in Toa Alta that reads “Un árbol es tan fuerte como sus RAÍCES…Yo sé, donde estan las mias…Y TÚ???”, meaning “A tree is as strong as its roots. I know where my roots are…do you?”.
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