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Chi Tack Tong restaurant in Chinatown in Old Havana. Absolutely delicious menu and warm friendly staff.

Front view of the Hotel Rachel in Old Havana.

Unknown Conjunto playing son music in the port tavern Havana Club in Old Havana.

Entrance to the ferry that runs back and forth between the old port of Havana and the city of Regla.

Statue of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in the church of Regla is shown on a wooden stand with the painted emblem of Cuba at its base.

Iglesia (Church) de la Virgen de Regla. Statues and Altars of the different saints worshipped in the church. Dino sits in pew facing camera.

Classic street in the city of Regla.

Las cinco esquinas (5 corners) in the city of Regla.

Maximo Gómez street in the port city of Regla.

Second floor lobby in the Hotel Rachel. Many of the rooms have biblical names and besides the hotel being called The Rachel there are decorative references to the Bible and to the Jewish faith throughout the building, which was restored.

Stained glass canopy roof of the Hotel Rachel in Old Havana. The Hotel Raquel stands at the intersection of Calle Amagura and San Ingnacio in the traditional Jewish quarter of Old Havana. Built in 1908 as a bank by the architect Naranjo Ferrer, in…

Conjunto Deboson. They play the classic Son music of Cuba. Janete on the flute, Jorge on percussion, Andrés on bass.

Conjunto Deboson. They play the classic Són music of Cuba. Alberto on guitar and Janete on the flute.

Bar Havana Club in the port of Old Havana.

Typical building in Old Havana with columns, porticos and balconies.

"Old Lonja del Comercio building.The Lonja del Comercio (Chamber of Commerce) building in Old Havana, Cuba served as the stock exchange in the capital until the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Today, it is an office building.
Based in the building are local…

"His real name was José María López Lledín, a native of Lugo in Spain, where he was born in 1899 into a wealthy family. Some say he lost his mind when, during the trip from Spain to Cuba, the vessel sunk and he lost his family. Others claim that…

The Sierra Maestra Customs Terminal in Old Havana.
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