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Professora Amazonas (Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira) and Instrutora Cuica (Capoeira Mandinga) demonstrate the berimbau and the agogô, transitioning from the music of capoeira to samba.

Professora Amazonas (Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira), Instrutora Cuica (Capoeira Mandinga), and Instrutora Canarinha (Capoeira Sol Nascente) demonstrate the movements and rhythms of capoeira.
Members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira practicing the instruments, rhythms, and songs of capoeira. Humor and play are sprinkled throughout the classes, from the music to the physical training.

Professora Amazonas foretelling the closing of the roda through song.

Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira practicing the rhythms of capoeira on the agogô, pandeiro, and conga.

A pandeiro is a hand-held frame drum used in the music of capoeira and other Brazilian musical genres such as samba, coco, chore and more.

Professora Amazonas plays and teaches drum patterns and songs in her adult capoeira class. Here, she is playing a conga drum which is often used to train, teach and demonstrate, but the traditional drum used in the roda is the atabaque, which is…

Cavalo, a member of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira, plays pandeiro in the batería at Professora Amazonas’ class.

Members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira studying and practicing the music, songs, and rhythms of samba.

Sapulha Senzala of Capoeira Senzala playing pandeiro during the Maculelê segment of the group’s performance in the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series in July 2018.

Before playing in the roda, capoeiristas salute before the drum. Similar salutes are found in drumming traditions throughout the African diazora.

Hand drums are found across cultures in myriad genres of folkloric music from around the world. These Brazilian hand drums are called pandeiros

Hand frame drum used in capoeira and other Brazilian music forms. Pandeiros generally have a wooden rim with metal disks like a tambourine and a natural skin head.
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