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Members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira practicing the instruments, rhythms, and songs of capoeira. Humor and play are sprinkled throughout the classes, from the music to the physical training.
Students break into partner training during the 2019 Halloween roda with Professora Amazonas & Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira.
Playing in the roda provides capoeiristas and students of capoeira to practice and apply the skills they learn while training and in classes and workshops, but also provide a hands-on opportunity to learn more. Here is an example of students helping…
Students from Professora Amazonas' children's class participate in the 2019 Halloween roda. These rodas are held on the first Friday of every month and are often themed for celebrations like holidays and birthdays. At these rodas, students have a…

Grupo Liberdade celebrating Kwanzaa with a roda at the 53rd Annual Harvest Festival of African Culture in Montclair, NJ.

Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez plays with members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira practice the rhythms and songs of the batería before training and playing capoeira.

Members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira practice the rhythms and songs of the batería before training and playing capoeira.

Youth who participate in Professora Amazonas’ children's classes attend a monthly roda, often holiday inspired, like the annual Halloween roda.

Professora Amazonas instructing members of her adult class training sessions.

Abelha, a member of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira, training with Professora Amazonas during capoeira classes in Vauxhall, NJ.

Capoeira is a martial art born in Brazil, with roots in Africa. Many of the combat movements used are kicks, which students in Professora Amazonas’ academy practice during classes.

Dromedario, a member of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira, and a proud capoeira daddy, training during Professora Amazonas’ class.

Students in Professora Amazonas’ adult’s class learn and practice sequences of movements that will be used when playing capoeira.

Members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira practice sequences of movements learned during class.

A recurring theme during the classes documented by the Raíces Digital Archive was spending time on task to practice and apply takedowns.

Members of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira play capoeira one-on-one to train and practice specific sequences of movements of the class.

Practicing capoeira movements in lines before one-on-one training and playing in the adult Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira class taught by Professora Amazonas
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