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Capoeira Senzala’s Mestre Zumbi introduced all forms of dance, music and song presenting in their concert as variations of capoeira, as they come from the same roots and share similar elements, such as samba dance in a circle, or roda, like in…

Capoeira Senzala illustrates the evolution of the samba tradition by adding the element of theater and theatrical narrative to their samba performance at the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series in July 2018.

Members of Capoeira Senzala perform the dance and music of the Afro-Brazilian Maculelê tradition at the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018 in Highland Park, NJ. The sticks are struck together in rhythm with the drums.

Capoeiristas from Grupo Senzala perform the Brazilian art of capoeira, sharing their traditions, culture and music with our community in Highland Park, NJ.

Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art developed in Brazil in the 16th Century. Capoeira is now practiced throughout the world, in schools led by mestres. Capoeiristas of all cultures are invited to learn, participate and be a part of capoeira…
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