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Capoeira is more than a martial art or dance, it is a community and way of life that builds character and guides its practitioners with a set of values. Students are requested to share what they have learned with the community.

Samba is another art form within the range of Afro-Brazilian folkloric traditions. Samba rhythms, dance and songs vary throughout different regions of Brazil, as well as the diaspora.

Members of Capoeira Senzala perform the dance and music of the Afro-Brazilian Maculelê tradition at the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018 in Highland Park, NJ. The sticks are struck together in rhythm with the drums.

One of the dance forms in the capoeira tradition is called Maculelê. Maculelê can be practiced with either machetes or sticks, which when struck together become a part of the rhythm and music.

Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art developed in Brazil in the 16th Century. Capoeira is now practiced throughout the world, in schools led by mestres. Capoeiristas of all cultures are invited to learn, participate and be a part of capoeira…
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