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Artisans selling hand crafted vejigante masks at the 5th Encuentro de Tambores in Juncos, Puerto Rico.

Doña Tinti, co-founder of Casa Pueblo, assisting Francisco G. Gómez, co-founder and director of Raíces Cultural Center, in the Casa Pueblo Artisan Shop.

Doña Tinti Deyá, co-founder of Casa Pueblo, assisting Raíces volunteer Christina Proxenos with the purchase of artisan made jewelry. Casa Pueblo runs an artisan shop to help maintain the economic sustainability and self-sufficiency of the…

Casa Pueblo co-founder Tinti Deyá attending to visitors in the artisan shop at Casa Pueblo.

Artisan shop and exhibit center for the Ayala. The shop is decorated inside and out with vejigante masks and costumes, handcrafted by the Ayala family. Vejigante masks and costumes, as well as other handcrafted items can be purchased here.
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