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Ramapough Lenape Ceremonial Objects outside of a ceremony being held in a teepee at Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp.

Grandmother Nancy of Algonquin heritage shared her knowledge and traditions of the Water Ceremony at Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp. All members of the public were invited to participate in the teachers, learn the water ceremony, and then pass it…

Ramapough Lenape Tribe Member Mud Turtle giving a gift to a friend and neighbor of Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp, Christina Dioguirdi Scott

Ramapough Lenape drummers after a ceremony at Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp.

The teepee is not a traditional structure for Ramapough Lenape people, however it was erected symbolically on their ceremonial land when donated to the camp as a temporary structure. As the Ramapough have been kept from constructing a long-house…

Member of the Ramapough Lenape tribe cleansing participants of a tobacco ceremony before entering the ceremonial lodge.
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