Gabriel Muñoz & Melodías Borinqueñas - Raíces Roots Music Concert Series

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Gabriel Muñoz & Melodías Borinqueñas - Raíces Roots Music Concert Series


Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018.

Gabriel Muñoz & Melodías Borinqueñas performed folkloric music from the island of Puerto Rico at the Forum Theatre Cultural Arts Center in Metuchen, NJ to help raise funds for sustainable grassroots disaster relief and recovery in Puerto Rico.

Raíces Digital Archive Collection of the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018:

About Gabriel Muñoz & Melodías Borinqueñas

Gabriel Muñoz was born in Puerto Rico in 1976. When he was 2, his family moved to New Jersey, where he grew up and still resides. He was introduced to the cuatro—a traditional Puerto Rican musical instrument similar to the mandolin—at the age of 14. Gabriel fell in love with the instrument’s sound, and asked his father to purchase one for his upcoming birthday. So on his 15th birthday, he received his first cuatro as a gift, which he says changed his life forever. He then began honing his skills on the instrument through constant practice and immersing himself in the cuatro and in Puerto Rican music. He sought advice and wisdom from other cuatro players, including the well known master Alvin Medina, in order to perfect his craft.
Approximately 6 years ago he co-founded the musical ensemble Melodías Borinqueñas (Melodies from Puerto Rico), who will be performing at this concert. The band features Gabriel Muñoz on cuatro, Anibal Ortiz on guitar, Mariano Medina on congas, Ivan Rodriguez on bongos, Ana Ortiz on güiro, and Cecilia López on vocals. Using these unique sounds, they hope to introduce Puerto Rican folk music to many people around the world, and also to provide a nostalgic experience to Puerto Ricans living away from their homeland.



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