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Pepe Santana sings an Andean song. It was the first time that the audience heard Pepe sing a song in an indigenous language. There was a great silence in the room making it known that the audience was moved by the new and unfamiliar music they were…

Pepe Santana and Grupo INKHAY stay committed to keeping the fire of their indigenous Andean traditions alive by sharing their talents and knowledge and educating their audiences.

The Charango is an indigenous adaptation of the European guitar, make with materials available from the local environment. Instead of wood, the body is made from an armadillo shell.

The members of INKHAY, under the direction of Pepe Santana, a native from Ecuador, are: Rothman Teran, César Vele e Iván Vele; all from Ecuador. Each member has been involved with various folk groups, both, here in the United States and in South…
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