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Herbal Healing


Collection of information, photographs and videos about herbal healing in the Caribbean and herbal healing based programs held by Raíces Cultural Center.


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New Brunswick, NJ
Puerto Rico

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Herbal Healing Workshop Clip: Angela Lugo
From the workshop “Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico”. Presenter, herbalist and healer Angela Lugo speaks about her experiences with healing and healers.

Herbal Healing Presenter Angela Lugo
Angela Lugo presenting the workshop “Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico”

Herbs of Puerto Rico
Culantro and anise stars, two cooking herbs used in Puerto Rico that can be found and used in NJ

Sharing Knowledge and Culture
Workshop participants got to sample food and drinks made with herbs.

Herbal Healing Newsletter Article
Newsletter excerpt about the Raíces Cultural Center Natural Arts workshop series on Herbal Healing

Herbal Healing Presenter Angela Lugo
Workshop presenter Angela Lugo discusses the health benefits of a range of Caribbean cooking herbs that can be obtained in NJ where the workshop was held.

Herbal Healing with Food
Participants taste the results of cooking with herbs.

Caribbean Cooking Herbs
Angela prepared samples of food and herbs and shared recipes so participants could cook the nutritious and healing dishes themselves.

Herbal Healing Workshop: Coconut
Herbal Healing workshop presenter Angela Lugo gave a class solely dedicated to coconut.

How to Open a Coconut
Raíces Co-Director Francisco G. Gómez breaks open a coconut so participants can taste the water and see the layers inside.

Coconut Water
Pouring out coconut water.

Coconut Water
Coconut water draining.

Layers of the Coconut
Angela Lugo explains the healing, medicinal and nutritional properties of coconut and the many uses we have for them.

Kombucha Workshop
Dan Farella explains the healing, medicinal and nutritional properties of kombucha.

Kombucha Fermenting
Workshop participants learned how to care for kombucha and brew kombucha drinks.

Dan Farella and his Kombucha S.C.O.B.Y.s
Kombucha is not a fungus, it’s a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast)

Healing Lymes Naturally
Dan Farella discusses herbal protocols which can help those who suffer from Lymes disease, as well as educate participants on how to avoid, identify and remove ticks.

Fermenting Foods
Dan Farella explains the chemical process of fermentation.

How to Ferment Foods
The secret ingredients-water and salt.

Hands On Fermenting
The workshop was hands on, participants made their own ferments out of organic vegetables to take home and enjoy.

Topping Off With Salt Water
All vegetables have to be packed in and completely covered with salt water.

Ready to Ferment
A workshop participant shows off her jar of fresh organic vegetables ready to ferment.
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