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Title slide from Raíces Herbal Circle presentation on Backyard Herbs by Nicole Wines

Backyard herbs harvested to illustrate and share with members of the Raíces Herbal Circle. Herbs pictured include chickweed, purple deadnettle, dandelion root, and violet.

Raíces Herbal Circle leader Angela Lugo with the May 2018 presenter and Raíces crew member Nicole Wines.

Herbal healing workshop participants take home remedies prepared by the presenter, Angela Lugo. In this case, participants got to take home herb-infused oil for pain relief.

Angela Lugo presents an herbal workshop, Herbal Healing for Pain Relief, in Highland Park, NJ.

Herbal healing workshop presented by Angela Lugo, focused on herbal remedies for pain relief.

The Borough of Highland Park's Sustainable Highland Park Committee provided the town's residents with the opportunity to learn about herbal remedies for pain relief in this workshop presented by herbalist and curandera Angela Lugo.

Angela Lugo is an herbalist and curandera, and oversees all of Raíces Eco-Culture's Herbal Healing related programming.

Herbal infused oils for pain relief.

Angela Lugo, herbalist and curandera, gives an herbal healing workshop in Highland Park, NJ.

Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez spends some hands-on planting time with 2017 High School Intern Eli Goldstein. Eli spent a semester studying herbalism and culture with Raíces BOD Chair and herbalist Angela Lugo. Eli came to Raíces through the…

A workshop participant shows off her jar of fresh organic vegetables ready to ferment.

All vegetables have to be packed in and completely covered with salt water.

The workshop was hands on, participants made their own ferments out of organic vegetables to take home and enjoy.

Dan Farella discusses herbal protocols which can help those who suffer from Lymes disease, as well as educate participants on how to avoid, identify and remove ticks.

Kombucha is not a fungus, it’s a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast)

Workshop participants learned how to care for kombucha and brew kombucha drinks.
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