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  • Collection: Lisa Bagwell's EcoArt Exhibit 2016

Lisa Bagwell dialoguing with attendees of her EcoArt Exhibit during the artist talk section of the event. Visitors were impressed by the bridging of visual arts and ecology and expressed wonder at the amount of plastic and refuse one person could…

Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez welcomes exhibit attendee Amanda Hungerford and dialogues about plastic reduction, art, sustainability and ecology.

Artist Lisa Bagwell welcomed Congressman Frank Pallone to her first solo exhibit.

NJ Congressman Frank Pallone deciding which bottle cap snake to purchase from artist Lisa Bagwell.

“Assemblage artist” Lisa Bagwell gives an artist talk at her October 15, 2016 solo art exhibit at Ruthie’s Bagel Dish. During the artist talk, Lisa spoke about her process of collecting trash, almost entirely from cleanups and donations from friends…

Coffee and Doughnut
Coffee and doughnut made out of plastic utensils, plastic lids and excess food packaging. Sculpture by Lisa Bagwell.

Pie made out of plastic bottle caps and excess food packaging.

Cupcake made out of plastic utensils and bottle caps.

Mouth made entirely out of dental product packaging made by assemblage artist Lisa Bagwell.

Congressman Frank Pallone checks out Lisa Bagwell’s EcoArt Exhibit

Hanging beet made of out plastic bottle caps and food packaging.

“Lobbyist” being swatted by a fly swatter, made out of scrap fabrics, old clothes, steel wool and excess packaging. Sculpture by assemblage artist Lisa Bagwell.

Sandwich made out of plastic lids, food packaging and paper.

Hot dog made by artist Lisa Bagwell out of old work gloves, single gloves and burlap. Quadruple decker sandwich made out of plastic and cork.

Sandwich made out of burlap bags and plastic food bags and wrappers by assemblage artist Lisa Bagwell.

Lisa Bagwell's EcoArt Exhibit was well attended by people from towns throughout Middlesex and Somerset counties. It remained on display in Ruthie’s Bagel Dish for over two months, giving hundreds of people the opportunity to view and be impacted by…

Attendees check out the plastic bottle whale, which remained on display in Highland Park for over a month, bringing awareness to viewers about plastics in the oceans and waterways.

This whale made by artist Lisa Bagwell was created entirely out plastic bottles and other plastic refuse collected during a clean-up of Sandy Hook beaches stuffed into a chicken wire frame. The whale has traveled to several locations throughout NJ,…

A visitor to Lisa Bagwell's EcoArt Exhibit checks out the variety of sculptures made from a range of disposable materials. One attendee dubbed it “throw away art”.

Attendees checking out the variety of sculptures and “garbage” materials used to create them. This brought a new awareness of the use of disposables (especially plastics) to visitors of the art exhibit. In this case, the art was able to make a…

Visitors to the exhibit were both impressed by the sculptures and overwhelmed by the amount of garbage one artist was able to collect to transform into art. Attendees spoke to the artist, the organizers and each other about a newfound awareness for…

Whelk made by artist Lisa Bagwell. This sculpture is constructed from plastic cigar tips.

Birds made from old work gloves, single gloves found on the street and plastic utensils.

Duck made from plastic spoons, bottle caps and pieces of old toys created by artist Lisa Bagwell.

Snail made from disposable cup lids and plastic bottle caps.
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