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Apiculture, Bees and Beekeeping

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S&F Honey Farm
On August 8, 2014, the Raíces Apiculture Initiative took a field trip to S & F Honey Farm in Hillsborough, NJ for a tour, presentation and questions and answer session with beekeeper Stan Wasitowski. Here, Raíces Co-Director Francisco G. Gómez is…

S&F Honey Farm: Queen Bee Box
Stan holding a queen bee box; he describes the different compartments of the tiny box.

S&F Honey Farm: Beekeeping Tour
Participants of the Raíces Apiculture Initiative field trip to S & F Honey Farm, Angela, Jen and Gabriel listen to Stan giving his presentation on apiculture.

S&F Honey Farm: Beehive Frame
Stan holds up a bee frame from one of his hives and talks about the bee activity on the foundation of the frame.

S&F Honey Farm: Inspecting a Frame
Stan inspects a frame, he explains the difference between capped brood, untouched foundation and honey comb.

S&F Honey Farm: Inspecting a Frame
Stan inspects a frame, he explains the difference between capped brood, untouched foundation and honey comb

S&F Honey Farm: Pulling a Queen Frame
S & F Honey Farm Apiculture presentation participant Enrique looks on as Stan pulls out a queen frame from a bee box that’s designed for the cultivation of queen bees.

S&F Honey Farm: Smoker
Stan explains how to charge the smoker with pine needles. He states the importance of not over smoking the bees in the hive.

S&F Honey Farm: Bee Box
This is one of Stan’s bee boxes, he explains the entrance reducer he devised for his bees.

S&F Honey Farm: Beekeeping Presentation
Stan explains the inner workings of a bee box to participants in his Apiculture presentation and honey farm tour.

S&F Honey Farm: Master Bee Keeper Stan Wasitowski
Master Bee Keeper Stan Wasitowski. S & F Honey Farm, Flemington, NJ.

This photo was taken at an Apiculture presentation Stan gave at his farm to members of the Raíces Apiculture Initiative.

S&F Honey Farm: Honeycomb
Enrique holds up a piece of honey comb for all of us to see on the Raíces Apiculture Initiative trip to S & F Honey Farm.

S&F Honey Farm: Beehive Frame with Honeycomb
Bee frame foundation packed with honey

S&F Honey Farm: Honey
During the Apiculture presentation by Stan Wasitowski at S & F Honey Farms, participants were able to taste the honey produced at the farm directly out of the beehive frames.

Here, Stan holds a bee frame packed with honey and Angela samples it.

S&F Honey Farm: Tasting the Honey
Presentation and tour participant Angela Lugo tasting some honey from a bee frame at S & F Honey Farm.

S&F Honey Farm: Learning About Mites
S & F Honey Farm tour participant Jennifer holds up a jar filled with dead mites that attack the bees in a hive.

Apiculture Initiative: Nucleus Hive
Nucleus Hive: This is a starter Nuc that is already populated with a queen and bees. The population is later transitioned or split into a bee box/s.

Apiculture Initiative: Transitioning a Nucleus Hive
Raíces Co-Director Francisco is transitioning a nucleus hive into a friend’s new bee box. He has to smoke the nuc before moving the bees to their new home.

Apiculture Initiative: Placing a Bee Box
Susan Winkler, one of the first community members to contact Raíces regarding our Apiculture Initiative and to find out where to get her first bee colony and beekeeping equipment, preparing a new bee box for her bees.

Apiculture Initiative: Placing a Bee Box
As part of the Raíces Apiculture Initiative, Raíces Co-Directors helped our friend and supporter Susan Winkler obtain and set up her first bee hive. Here, Francisco and Sue are moving nuc bee frames into new bee box.

Apiculture Initiative: Nucleus Hive Frames
Frames from a nucleus hive ready to be smoked before moving them into a new bee box. Bee larvae can be seen in the center of the photograph.

Apiculture Initiative: Bees in New Home
Bees moved over to their new home for Raíces Apiculture Initiative participant and supporter Susan Winkler.

Apiculture Initiative: Field Trip: Bee Box Frame
On a visit to a local beekeeper, John Yarnell. Here is Sue and John looking at an old bee box frame

Apiculture Initiative: Field Trip: Frame with Foundation
Fred Yarnell, beekeeper, looking at an old bee frame on a visit from Raíces Apiculture Initiative participants.

Apiculture Initiative: Field Trip: Honey Extractor
Stainless Steel honey extractor centrifuges.
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