Raíces EcoCulture Gardens 2010 & 2011

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Raíces EcoCulture Gardens 2010 & 2011

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Ecoculture Garden: Harvest
Early spring harvest of radishes, peas and mint.

Ecoculture Garden: St. John’s Wort
Saint Johnswort beginning to bloom.

Ecoculture Garden: Ready to plant
Prepared beds in the early spring. Green beans, black beans, basil, tomatoes, beets, cabbage and herbs later filled up these plots.

Ecoculture Garden: Blackberry and Bee
The great pollenators, bee pollenating a thornless black raspberry flower.

Ecoculture Garden: Micro Farm Plots 2011
Raíces micro farm plots.

Ecoculture Garden: Micro Farm Plots 2011
2011 was the year the deer discovered our gardens. After six years of planting out in the open, we had to put up a fence.

Ecoculture Garden: Beans
Beans planted in mounds. The empty mound would soon be covered in black bean plants.

Ecoculture Garden: Herb Donations
A friend of Raíces donated a few trays worth of herb seedlings to plant. Good for teas, cooking and for the bees.

Ecoculture Garden: Zucchini
Baby zucchini with blossom.

Ecoculture Garden: Green Beans
Green beans were planted every two weeks providing us with fresh, crisp, refreshing green beans all summer long.

Ecoculture Garden: Wild Thyme
Wild thyme (purple) and St. John’s Wort (yellow)

Ecoculture Garden: Harvest
Harvest of cucumbers, kale, wild thyme, St. John’s wort flowers, radishes and green beans.

Ecoculture Garden: Black, Green and Red Beans
Black beans beginning to grow in the mound.

Ecoculture Garden: Lettuce
Bed of lettuce.

Ecoculture Garden: Hibiscus
Hibiscus blossom-beautiful and good to dry for tea. Cooling, refreshing and high in Vitamin C.

Ecoculture Garden: Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus blossons-No flowers were harvested for tea in 2011. The plant had been recently transplanted and was left to grow naturally for the season. In 2012, we plan to dry the flowers for tea.

Ecoculture Garden: Borage
Borage, an edible flower with a taste similar to cucumber.

Ecoculture Garden: Cucumber
Cucumber growing on the vine.

Ecoculture Garden: Beet
Beetroot, the leaves are also edible.

Ecoculture Garden: Red Cabbage
Red cabbage. They grew so well, we plan to plant them again in 2012, plant an even greater amount and ferment them for homemade sauerkraut.

Ecoculture Garden: Green Beans and Purslane
Purslane is known as a weed, but is edible and nutritious. It is good raw, as in salads, as well as cooked.

Ecoculture Garden: Tomatoes
Tomatoes on the vine.
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