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Raíces Program History: Flyers


Raíces Program History


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“Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico” Program Flyer
In 2009, Raíces Cultural Center created and presented its first production thanks in part to an award a MINI grant by the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission. Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performed with guest artists and Raícitas…

Bomba Class Flyer 2009
Raíces Cultural Center flyer for children’s and adults’ bomba classes held at the Hub City Teen Center in New Brunswick.

Monster Jam 2k9 Flyer
Raíces Cultural Center flyer for the community event Monster Jam 2k9, a community arts event that took place at the Raritan River Art Walk in New Brunswick as a result of a collaboration between Raíces Cultural Center, Family Arts Movement, Community…

Drumming Class Flyer
Raíces Cultural Center flyer for Afro-Caribbean hand percussion classes offered at the Hub City Teen Center from the Fall of 2009 through the Spring of 2010.

Roots at the Hub Dance Class Flyer
Raíces Cultural Center Flyer for adult “Cultural Fusion” dance and percussion classes at the Hub City Teen Center. Class ran through 2010.

Roots at the Hub Dance Class Flyer
Raíces Cultural Center flyer for children’s dance and music classes held at the Hub City Teen Center in New Brunswick throughout 2010.

Spring Jam 2k10 Flyer
Flyer for Spring Jam 2k10 event, a collabroative community arts event. Raíces was one of the organizations which collaborated to create this public arts and educational event that encompassed many different forms of art, culture and education. From…

Raíces Program Flyer
Raíces Cultural Center program flyer to hand out at community festivals and arts events describing the various programs and services available from Raíces Cultural Center, including the Raícitas Youth Program, Dance and Music classes, a Cultural…

Raíces Caribbean Film Series Flyer
Flyer for Raíces Caribbean Film Series, held throughout the summer of 2010. Raíces held screenings and discussions of films that addressed the topic of Caribbean culture and arts, specifically related to the cultures of Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico Ticket
Ticket for admission to the workshop “Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico”, the first in a series of herbal healing workshops presented by local herbalist Angela Lugo. This was the first program presented in the Raíces Natural Arts program…

Raíces Visual Arts Flyer “Historias de los muertos”
Flyer for visual arts exhibit “Historias de los Muertos”, a solo exhibit by Jonathan Jacob Horowitz, inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday and untold stories of the dead.

Day of the Dead Family Arts Day Flyer
Flyer for the November 2010 Family Arts Day Workshop. This workshop featured crafts and storytelling activities inspired by the Day of the Dead, or el día de los muertos.

“Spirit of the Drum” Flyer
Postcard for the 2010 Raíces Ensemble production “Spirit of the Drum: History and Evolution of an Afrocaribbean Tradition”. This production was made possible in part by funding from a Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage MINI Grant, as well as a…

Black History Festival 2011 Flyer
Flyer for the 2011 Black History Festival organized by the Lounge Society in New Brunswick, NJ. EVENT DESCRIPTION This annual community festival was packed with performances, art, speakers, children's activities, food, vendors, prizes and more! The…

Resistance, Freedom, Bomba Event Flyer
Flyer for a PROPA sponsored event held in Washington D.C.. Raíces was invited to participate in this community bombazo and fundraiser event for the 4th Bomba Research Conference.

Interfaith Earth Day Celebration Flyer
Flyer for a community centered Interfaith Earth Day Celebration held at the Sacred Heart Church in New Brunswick.

Join Raíces Cultural Center as we perform with the Rainbow Children's Choir of New Brunswick at the Interfaith…

Film Club @ The Hub Program Flyer
Flyer for Film Club @ The Hub program for April 2011. Raíces was invited to be the guest presenters at that month’s club meeting.

Orisha drum, dance and song is a tribute to the Forces of Nature. The Raíces Cultural Center…

“A Spiritual Crossroads” Concert Flyer
Flyer for group fundraiser concert “A Spiritual Crossroads” held at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ in July 2011. Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble was one of the featured performers and Raíces helped to organize and promote the…

Arts and Family Day: Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico Program Flyer
Flyer for the February 2011 Arts and Family Day Program: Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico.

Raíces Cultural Center hosts monthly Family Arts Days with:
-Family Arts and Crafts
-Cultural Displays
-Slideshows and…

Lembranças: A Recollection Art Exhibit Flyer
Flyer for a solo art exhibit “Lembranças - a Recollection” created and curated by Amy Garas.

Raices Cultural Center Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception – Saturday, February 26th, 2010
Exhibit Open February 26, 2010 – March 19,…

Arts and Family Day: My Sacred Self Program Flyer
Flyer for the March 2011 Arts and Family Day Program: Lembranças/Recollections.

Meet the artist Amy Garas as you explore her solo exhibit "Lembrancas: A Recollection". Participate in creating art with your children and families…

Rasta Revelation Program Flyer
Flyer for the Cultural Legacy Series presentation Rasta Revelation.

Raíces Cultural Center presents Rasta Revelation
A part of the Raíces Cultural Exchange cultural legacy lecture & workshop series.

Guest speaker: Mr. Karl…

Earth Day Weekend 2011 Program Flyer
Flyer for the April 2011 Arts and Family Day Program: Earth Day Celebration.

All are invited to celebrate and honor the earth and nature with Raíces Cultural Center in a hands-on afternoon of art, crafts, music, song, dance and…

Raíces 2011 Music Lesson Flyer
Flyer for music lessons offered by Raíces Cultural Center staff at our studio location.

Arts and Family Days: Spring 2011 Program Flyer
Flyer for spring 2011 series of Arts and Family Day Programs.
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